Cinema is the place to market

We can produce for nation TV commercials, feature films, movie trailers, TV pilots, short films, music videos, film festival entries and theatrical releases.  We offer Red EPIC 5K quality for unparalleled resolution and latitude.  We also offer high bit-rate 1080 HD using HD-SLR formats for local and national projects designed for publishing on TV, Web, Disc or internet download.


When you think Cinema, you think movie in the theater. Currently you can put your own HD quality, surround sound playing commercial right in front of prospects in your own city or counties at the fraction of the cost of TV and at 3 times the recognition.  No Tivo to skip through a show or switching channels like so many viewers do with radio or when there are 300 channels on satellite TV to pick from.

Call us today to learn more about this powerful new marketing medium where your viewers have your full attention!  In-Cinema advertising is growing to be the most effective method of getting audience recall and attention!


5K Cinema on RED EPIC

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KeyPoint Credit Union cinema ad - Produced with actor, pet, props and filmed in studio.

Stanford Blood Center ad for In Cinema marketing.  24p HD cinema camera, slow motion, music overlay and testimonial actor.

Evutec Motion Graphic Demo.        Composited in 24 frame HD, VO narration and filmed on RED digital cinema cameras.

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