What kind of video do I need for better business and marketing?

There are different types of video every company should have both on their websites and on publishers such as YouTube. 

  1. 1)About Us video:  This video should be a personal video showing the staff, management or owner on camera.  This video shows your brand, look and human quality to best create a warm and inviting sample of the mission of the company and the people involved.  This video does not need to be fancy or expensive.  It just need to help build trust with the prospect.

  2. 2)Testimonial videos:  These are series of 2 to 5 low cost videos that are short and personal.  They allow prospects to know the value of your service or product by hearing from your current clients who believe and trust in your company.  A good testimonial video can generate dozens of times the profit that it took to produce, paying for itself may times over.

  3. 3)Marketing Video:  This creative and should be well planned.  It’s best to budget for this project and consider getting actors and a branding company to help create look and message that generates results.  We work with numerous branding companies from small to national level branding.  This video should be done right and be used for promotion at a more grand scale.  These are the commercials and entertaining ads you see on national TV and in cinema before the movies starts.

  4. 4)Explainer Video:  These are needed if your product or service is complex.  The explainer video can be longer and educational.  It’s also the videos we produce for doctors, teachers, colleges and companies who have conferences or present at trade shows and expos.  Often times, these can be on camera explanations from the engineers at a company or the sales professionals who know the details about a product.

  5. 5)Product Video:  This video may demonstrate a product, involve testimonials and outline how to use something.  This often times is the DVD that is included with purchase of a product a company sells.  Product video can also be shown on a website link for those who want to review how to use their new purchase.  It can also be a workout video or yoga series.   Look at our video samples and contact us today to learn more.

Do you have actors?

We have many talent choices for acting or voiceover.  If there are requirements for a specific look, we can do casting calls for the exact look and presentation you desire from hundreds of local talent or SAG or AFTRA affiliated actors.  We have connections to athletes and professional presenters that may be hired to represent your company, who are either male or female.

Is HD or 4K ideal for me?

Filming and editing is high resolutions creates the sharpest and most vivid media over Standard TV formats.  But if you are filming for website use or local broadcasting, producing your media in HD may not be needed.  When making content for In-Cinema advertising, HD is definitely ideal because the screen is 40 feet wide.  Stretching standard size TV media to fit a cinema screen will result in a blurry looking commercial.  For DVD media, recording in HD is also not required but the media will look harper when starting from an HD master.  For Cinema and short film project, 4K is best for theatrical release or transfer to BlueRay, HD-DVD or downloadable or streaming HD media on national TV or publishers such as NetFlix, HBO and Amazon Live.

How can I profit from Media?

Social Media is exploding with value.  Prospects no longer read lengthy websites, but will watch video samples and review testimonials.  According to surveys by US News and Harvard Business, media on your website can improve search results by 50 times.  Platforms like YouTube and FaceBook can be excellent areas to post media.  Because a video online can also be mega-tagged with close captioned title information, every word spoken in that media can be searchable.  With consulting information, corporate companies can sell training and valuable information online.  This process works well for sporting events that are can be nationally streamed online or produced for Pay-Per-View online.  We also offer ways to host and sell your media directly to clients for immediate download to their smart-phones, tablets and computers.

Can we edit a video we already have from another source or from other formats?

We welcome media produced from other sources.  Our editing systems are very modern and can handle complicated formats and sources outside of our design.  Often times clients give us work done from TV studios, other producers or from tape and media that are in formats designed for other countries.  In most cases, that media can be easily modified, transferred and revised.  We can created US standards from European TV formats and the other way around.

Where do we record from?

Commonly, we travel to the area of your business or the event to capture the images, recordings and sound needed for the media.  If there is a need to record on special backgrounds or to have a quiet environment, we have 2 studios we can record at.   One is in Castro Valley and another in Pleasanton.

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What makes media look professional?

There are many reasons why some productions look and seem more professional.  Editing and music have a great effect on the overall feel of media, but the most important area of doing a video is developing a vision.  That first step of development is the most important.  In the area of filming, capturing with the highest bit-rate, sharpest resolution, widest latitude and most color accurate video cameras, make a great difference.  The choice of how well the acting talent voices or presents also is critical.  To create a cinematic look, recording the frame-rate at 24 instead of 30 or 60 frames, adds just the right drag in the movement.  Shutter speed generally is 1/48 but at higher speeds, can create a sharp and dramatic look that is instinctual to action sequences. Since there are so many technical and artistic decisions for professional media, we are here as your consultant through the processes.

Do you offer live video streaming?

We can organize live HD streaming for immediate viewing online or we can have media posted in 24 hours for those with a lighter budget.  Contact us today to organize your next corporate training, conference or special event.

How much is the cost?

We offer “Day Rates” and “half day” rates from $900 (8hours) and $500 (4 hours) for basic one camera operator filming.  Additional rates apply for more camera operators depending on the experience level of that operator and/or equipment used for filming.  We offer editing for $50 per hour or $400 per day.  Hiring actors and voice-over talent starts from $250 per hour and up based on their level of experience.  Other costs can be involved for city permits, media backup, special effects such as aerial drone cameras, dolly and crane operators, live streaming, media duplication and travel expenses for on location producing.  To Budget your project, we help consult with you to best meet your budgeting goals.  We also offer discounts to sole proprietor clients and non-profit organizations.  Contact us today to learn now to budget your next project for the lowest costs and greatest success.

How far do you travel?

We have done projects nationally from L.A. to New York as well as internationally in Europe and Asia.  Camera equipment has improved greatly allowing for easy packaging for travel.  Similar improvements to lighting and sound gear also makes capturing extremely clean quality easy, even while on location.

How long will it take?

If a project is under deadlines, we have multiple editing suites that make it possible to multi-task a project.   The other improvements to modern cameras today is the memory card use over tape.  Raw recordings from the camera are imported into the editing systems must quicker than the days of camera tape.  In most cases, we await our clients to update us on the next step.